What materials and substrates does Ready Signs offer

Ready Signs offers a varied selection of affordable material to use for signs, graphics and posters.
You can select from our wide range of Economy or Glossy Paper for posters, Outdoor Banner Vinyl,
Self Adhesive Vinyl for retail graphics, Corflute, Aluminium, Dilite, Polypropylene for
standard and custom signs.

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Matte Poster Paper

230gsm Matte Poster Paper. Elegant textured base material. Ideal for indoor use.

Indoor and Outdoor Vinyl Banners

440gsm PVC construction providing fresh vibrant printed colours. Available in all popular
print widths up to 5m wide. Excellent outdoor durability up to three years, resistant to UV,
rain, fungi and frost. Seamless construction, with excellent tear resistance

Window Graphics

Perfect for graphics and printed images that are installed on the inside of windows, viewed from
outside. This adhesive backed graphics are easily removable and multi-positional while installing by using a
spray bottle of a water and mild dish detergent mixture and window squeegee

Window Decals

Window decals can easily be applied and removed from any glass surface and come in a variety of vibrant colours.
Window decals are great for window promotions as they can easily
be applied to either the inside or outside of any window. Please select reverse at time
or ordering if required as "default" is for outside installation

Self Adhesive Vinyl

All signs can be printed and supplied on a waterproof self adhesive vinyl base. This method is usually used when
sticking signs direct to windows, vehicles, boards, metal or any other fixed material.


Corflute sign material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Corflute is waterprrof, durablity and offers
lightweight construction. Corflute can be easily secured to windows, doors and walls. We supply 5mm corflute with all
orders and provide eyelet holes for outdoor use


Polypropylene signs are highly recommended for outdoor use. They are UV-stable and resist fading and cracking for three
to five years outdoors. Polypropylene signs are available for a wide range of signs eg safety and warning signs,
with finishes and thicknesses (0.38mm to 2mm). They have rounded corners and four corner mounting holes if required

Metres, Feet, Inches distance Conversion

1 metre = 1000 Millimetres
1 foot = 304.80 Millimetres
1 foot = 12 inches = 0.30480 metres
1 yard = 3 feet = 0.91440 metres
1 inch = 25.4000 Millimetres

Calculating an Area in Square Metres

1) You will need to Convert from centimetres to metres eg 1 centimetre or 10mm = 0.01 metres

Length - 200cm or 2000mm = 2.0m
Width - 30cm or 300mm = .30m

2) Now Multiply the length and width together to get the measurement of the area in square metres.

Example - using the example sizes from above - 2.0m x .30m = .6 square metres (m2)